About Me

I was born at an early age in Pittsburgh, PA, a place that no matter where life takes me will always be home. I'm a die-hard Pirates fan, and also a Penguins & Steelers fan. I live in Sacramento, California with my wife Sarah, our dog Francisco, and cat Oreo.

Professionally, I'm an AEM Technical Architect with Adobe, where I'm primarily focused on Adobe AEM based projects.

My hobbies include programming, but more generally technology of all kinds, baseball, board games, cooking, and alcoholic beverages.

You can follow me on Twitter @shsteimer

About This Blog

I've started blogs a few times in the past, including at this domain, but for whatever reason the habit of posting on a regular basis has never stuck. I think this is a pretty common theme, but it's one I'm trying to break (Narrator: "He didn't").

Under the covers, what you're reading is driven by Jekyll and Github Pages. I like this setup because it's static & lightweight, simple to maintain, and everything is in version control. Plus there's no php involved.

In terms of topics, most of what I post will be related to technology, with a primary focus on the AEM platform I work with day-in and day-out. I may also occasionally post about some of my other interests, but I anticipate that being the exception, not the rule.